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Classic Manicure
Trim & buff nails, clean, condition cuticles, lotion application with soothing towel wraps & polish of choice
Parisian Hands
Hands & nails care that promotes, nourish, revitalize natural nails. Comes with luxurious hands & shoulder massage
French Organic Garden
A delicious manicure with organic natural products that are friendly to both human and environment such as buttermilk, pineapple oil and sugar exfoliator. Natural shine buffing is included
The Jewel of Paris
A treat of indulgence that your hands deserved. Hands are revitalized with a heavenly green tea exfoliating scrub, clay mask. An extended hand massage is wrapped with soothing hot towels along with a peach-scented vitamin-E paraffin treatment.
Pedicures Pedicures Pedicures
Classic Pedicure
Includes spa salts water bath with essential oils, cuticle conditioning, cleansing & buffing, steam towel foot wrap, invigorating lower leg and foot massage & polish of your choice
Parisian Spa Pedicure
Our signature pedicure with full service pedicure plus deep muscles massage. Upgrade products to cucumber mint lotion, sea minerals scrub, and fine botanical extract exfoliation.
Tour the Eiffel
"Parisian" plus clay mask to remove dead cells. +Callous and heel care treatments that make every inch of your feet smooth
French Organic Garden
A delicious pedicure with organic natural products that are friendly to both human and environment. Herbal foot soaks and raw earth organic moisturizer restores
The Triomphe
Energizes your body in herbal exfoliation and aromatherapy. A luxurious hotstone foot massage after soothing mint treatment will nurture your senses & spirit to triumphant feelings
The Jewel of Paris
For the ultimate indulgence, this jewel starts with a honey-milk & herbal bath to soften the skin. A heavenly exfoliating scrub & clay mask remove debris & dead skin cells. Heating elements followed to energize your feet. Heels are treated & restored with Swedish healing cream. Delightful extra deep massage along with peach-scented & vitamin-E paraffin treatment hydrate, relax and nourish your feet to their fullest potential!
Paris Metro Express Pedi
Includes spa salts with essential oils water bath, cuticle conditioning, cleansing, buffing & polish. No lotion application or massage
Fairy Princess
Polish change for the toes and nails with design for your little princess. For children 12 and under
Mini Mademoiselle
Pamper your little princess with a sweet treat of Pedicure and Manicure. For children 12 and under
The Parisian Rejuvenator Combo
Tailored for sports, this luxurious treatment includes a Manicure and a Pedicure that come with Expresso and Cappuccino lotion, scrub, mask and a deep luxurious hand and foot massage to reduce fatigue, soothe tired muscles and refresh the mind
Royal Parisian Combo
Indulge yourself with the Parisian service of royalty. Includes both spa pedicure and spa manicure that Parisian royals treat themselves
Additional Services to Pedicure
Additional Services to Pedicure
Baby Sole
Restores your soles to a healthy condition. Dissolves dead, unwanted skin with natural, exfoliating fruit acids. Pamper and calm skin with soothing ingredients such as aloe and Japanese green tea. Hydrate sole with Paraffin wax wrap. Rejuvenate and moisturize skin with Swedish healing creams
Hot Stone Foot Reflexology
Rejuvenate your inner Chi with 12 minutes of luxurious deep foot massage. Relieve your stress and pain with a natural healing zone therapy massage
Gel on Toes
Looks gorgeous in the sun with open toes and lasts up to 6 weeks. Smudge free and great for special occasion
Nail Enhancements Nail Enhancements
Nail Enhancements
Soak-Off Gel Nails
Color $30
French $35
An odorless gel that acts as an invisible layer of protection for your nails, keeping them strong so that they can grow without breaking. Great for those who have strong natural nails and want a lasting polish without using artificial nails
SNS Healthy Nails
Full-set $35
French $45
A dipping powder process has no odor and does not use primer nor use UV light. SNS are much thinner and helps your nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding vitamins and calcium
Acrylic Nails
Full-set $30
Fill-in $22
Acrylic nails look and feel just like natural nails by using a special acrylic powder and non-toxic EMA liquid. Great for those who are unable to naturally grow their nails
UV Gel Nails (Liquid)
Full-set $40
Fill-in $30
UV Gel Nails are intended for those who like to have artificial nails done on a regular basis. It is thinner and stronger than Acrylic nails and provides a more clear natural look nails by applying thin layers of liquid gels on your natural nails or extension
Brisa Sculpting Gel
Full-set $55
Fill-in $36
A liquid gel that is hypo-allergenic, odorless, and acrylate-free, Brisa gels create gorgeous, thin, natural-looking enhancements. This flexible and thin gel can create crisp curved lines that last three times longer than regular French manicures
Pink & White Nails or Solar Nails
Full-set $45Fill-in $35Pink only Fill-in $25
Pink & White are durable artificial nails providing the polished, glossy look of a permanent French manicure without using polish. P&W nails are great for those who often use artificial nails and want to be comfortable working with their hands.
Other Services
Other Services
Natural Shine Buff
Callous Service
Nail Trim
Polish Hands/Feet
3D Art
Special Shapes/Tips
Shoulder Massage
Soak off Gel
Acrylic Removal
Paraffin Treatment
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